Revision History    


Mon, 17 Jun 2024 13:17:34 GMT

dvd identifier V5.2.0


Added detection of 6x bd-r discs (blu-ray).

Updated manufacturer database, now containing over 900 discs from nearly 100 different manufacturers.

Several other small changes and improvements.

dvd identifier V5.0.1


Fixed the issue where the dvd-ram and dvd-r dl write capabilities are switched.

Automatically closing the tray prior to disc identification now works with all drives.

dvd identifier V5.0.0


Added full support for hd dvd-r, together with preliminary support for hd dvd-ram.

U3 smart drive compatibility now allows you to carry dvd identifier with you, anywhere you go! A separate U3 installer is available on the download page. Visit www.u3.com for more information.

Updated manufacturer database, now containing over 700 discs from nearly 100 manufacturers.

The blu-ray 'unique disc identifier' has been simplified. Note that due to this change, older versions of dvd identifier are now unable to access the Blu-ray section of the new manufacturer database.

Disc identification now automatically closes the tray before starting the identification procedure.

The default selected drive on startup now corresponds with the drive that was last used.

Fixed a rare dvd-ram identification problem that occurred on some drives.

Several other small changes and improvements.

dvd identifier V4.3.0


Updated manufacturer database.

Several spti improvements : faster and better drive scan, bus type detection and spti access control rights.

Added drive interface selection with also the option of choosing the nero aspi layer (if installed).

Internet access now supports Web Proxy Auto Discovery (wpad) and pac scripts.

Many other changes, fixes and improvements.

dvd identifier V4.2.0


Added support for 8x dvd+r dl (double layer).

Resolved an occasional display problem with the ascii-section of the 'media code'-block hex dump.

Various small improvements.

dvd identifier V4.1.1


Fixed an issue where in some cases the primary recording velocity of dvd+rw media (1x-2.4x) was not reported.

dvd identifier V4.1.0


Added blu-ray (bd) certified recording speeds, class and version.

Updated manufacturer database.
Some minor overall improvements.
dvd identifier V4.0.1


Fixed the dvd-r dl (dual layer) write capabilities detection that failed on some drives.

dvd identifier V4.0


Full support for blu-ray's bd-r (recordable) and bd-re (rewritable) discs.

Added support for 8x dvd+rw and dvd+rw dl (double layer).
Both functional and cosmetic improvements to the user interface.
Huge amount of all sorts of changes, fixes and improvements.
dvd identifier V3.6.3.1


Fixed some incorrect values in the 'media code'-block hex-dump of dvd-r/-rw media (Disc physical code & Last address of data area). Note that this problem only affects the hex-dump and has no consequences for the actual disc identification.

dvd identifier V3.6.3


Updated manufacturer database.

New format for the manufacturer database. In order to be able to receive future database updates you will need to upgrade to V3.6.3.

Fixed the problem where a drive's dvd+r dl write capabilities were sometimes incorrectly reported.

Some minor tweaking.
dvd identifier V3.6.2


Resolved drive compatibility issues that were caused by the introduction of the new dvd-r dl detection algorithm.

The 'more info'-button now supports multiple on-line resources. This list of available on-line resources is automatically kept up-to-date via your internet connection.

Some minor improvements.

dvd identifier V3.6.1


Finalized support for dvd-r dl (dual layer).

Updated manufacturer database.

Added a work-around for rare situations where bad behaving drives resulted in an incorrect disc type being detected.

Due to drive limitations the detection of certified recording speeds of dvd-r/-rw media has been removed. Note that the 'drive capabilities'-section still returns the drive's write speed descriptors.
Retrieval of write speed descriptors using the 'Mode Sense'-command is turned back on by default since it is still often useful when dealing with already written discs.
Various small changes, fixes and improvements.
dvd identifier V3.6


Preliminary support for dvd-r dl (dual layer).

Updated manufacturer database.

Additional Retrieval of the write speed descriptors using the obsolete 'mode sense'-command is now turned off by default.

Several small improvements.
dvd identifier V3.5.1


Improved detection of dvd+r/+rw certified recording speeds when dealing with 'out of specification'-discs or drives that do not report the entire 'media code'-block.

Major review and update of the manufacturer database. Credits go to Robert Wilting.

Solved a problem that sometimes resulted in a freeze or crash.

Cleaned-up the output by removing the never used 'disc application code'-field.
Some minor tweaking.
dvd identifier V3.5


The disc's book type is now also displayed.

New manufacturer database format for improved accuracy.

Huge amount of all sorts of changes, fixes and improvements.

dvd identifier V3.4 Build #4


Some small improvements.

dvd identifier V3.4 Build #3


A minor maintenance release.

dvd identifier V3.4 Build #2


Addressed a minor cosmetic issue with the 'recording speeds'-field.
dvd identifier V3.4


Finalized support for 16x dvd+r discs.

Implemented a crc-check to validate the downloaded manufacturer database update.

Minor tweaks.

dvd identifier V3.3 Build #2


The disc capacity is now reported both as binary gb (1024 mb) and as decimal gb (1000 mb).

dvd identifier V3.3


Support for double-layer dvd+r (dvd+r dl) and 16x dvd+r discs.

Through the use of an internet-updateable database the manufacturer IDs are now displayed together with their full manufacturer name (e.g. 'mcc' is now also shown as 'mitsubishi chemical corp.').

Support for dvd-ram.

Added a warning indicating that 8x dvd-r discs cannot be detected. Even though 8x detection code is in-place no drives currently report sufficient 'write strategy'-information to make this work. Note that although 8x detection by analysis of the 'media code'-block currently does not work you will still get 8x write descriptors if your drive is capable of writing at this speed.

Added a 'more info'-button that will redirect to an on-line resource that contains additional information.

Slightly different, more detailed method of reporting the certified recording speeds of dvd+r/+rw discs.

The media id on dvd+r/+rw discs is now shown as a 3 digit id (e.g. 03 is now shown as 003).

Various small changes, fixes and improvements.

dvd identifier V3.2


The speeds at which the drive is capable of writing on a specific disc are now also reported. Previously only the disc's recording speed capabilities, regardless of the drive's capabilities, were reported.

Completely rewritten help-file which is now available in html help format.

Fixed a drive hang on (at least) one type of dvd-r/-rw writer.

Implemented a workaround to solve the issue of getting no (or corrupted) disc information on some configurations with extra ide controllers.

dvd identifier V3.1


The certified recording speeds for dvd-r/-rw media are now also reported. Previously this was only available for dvd+r/+rw.

The disc's entire 'media code'-block is now accessible (with optional clipboard copy).

Windows xp theme support has been added.

Implemented a workaround for a (rare) driver conflict which resulted in a system crash.

Data copied to clipboard now retains correct formatting regardless of destination (e.g. word & outlook).

The usual variety of small changes, fixes and improvements.

dvd identifier V3.0


A maintenance release addressing some minor issues.

Support for dvd-r/-rw has been added. Therefore this utility is now called 'dvd identifier' instead of 'dvd plus identifier'.

Disc polling allows for smooth disc initialization.

Loads of other changes, improvements and other new features!

dvd identifier V2.4


A new build of V2.4 has been uploaded on october 2nd to fix a minor button image corruption issue on some systems.

Improved error handling.

Several miscellaneous changes.

Enhancements to the internet version check algorithm.

A minor cosmetic makeover.

dvd identifier V2.3


Added a check to verify if a new version is available for download.

A variety of small changes and improvements.

dvd identifier V2.2


Only drives capable of adip retrieval will now be shown. This way adip retrieval attempts using unsuitable devices are not possible anymore.

dvd identifier V2.1


Fixed the problem of always reporting the 'disc type' as dvd+r.

The 'unique disc identifier' has been extended so that it now also includes the 'disc type'.

Several layout improvements : cleaned up the copy-to-clipboard information and the 'unique disc identifier' is now displayed more prominently.

dvd identifier V2.01


A 'unique disc identifier' is now also calculated by concatenating the 3 parameters which are relevant for disc identification. It is easier and more efficient to refer to a specific disc this way.

dvd identifier V2.0


An alternative method of adip retrieval has been added. This will resolve most, if not all, compatibility issues !

Several small fixes, changes and improvements.

dvd identifier V1.1


Following additional disc parameters are now also displayed : disc type, system description, product revision, disc application code and supported write speeds.

Added 'copy to clipboard'-option.

dvd identifier V1.0


Initial release.